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Accurate Powder – 2230 1lb


The Accurate Powder – 2230 1lb is a versatile and popular powder choice among reloaders for various rifle calibers, including .223 Remington. It is known for its consistent performance, clean-burning characteristics, and excellent accuracy.


  • Powder Type: Accurate 2230
  • Net Weight: 1 pound
Category: Product ID: 2055



Accurate Powder – 2230 is a high-quality powder that is widely used for reloading rifle cartridges, particularly in the .223 Remington caliber. This powder is specifically formulated to deliver consistent velocities and excellent accuracy, making it a popular choice for target shooting, competition, and varmint hunting.

The Accurate 2230 powder is known for its clean-burning properties, which help in reducing fouling and maintaining cleaner barrels during shooting sessions. This characteristic is especially beneficial for semi-automatic rifles that tend to accumulate more fouling during rapid-fire shooting.

Reloaders appreciate the versatility of Accurate 2230 as it performs well with a wide range of bullet weights and load densities. It offers consistent metering properties, allowing for precise and uniform powder charges during the reloading process. This consistency contributes to improved shot-to-shot accuracy and overall performance.

It’s important to note that when using Accurate Powder – 2230 or any other reloading components, it is crucial to follow safe reloading practices, consult reliable load data sources, and adhere to recommended load recipes for your specific rifle and bullet combination.

In summary, Accurate Powder – 2230 is a highly regarded powder choice for .223 Remington and other rifle cartridges. With its consistent performance, clean-burning characteristics, and versatility, it provides reloaders with the necessary attributes for achieving accurate and reliable ammunition for a variety of shooting applications.

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