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Accurate Powder – 2495 1lb



  • Product: Accurate Powder – 2495 1lb
  • Powder Type: Smokeless powder
  • Weight: 1lb (pound)
Category: Product ID: 2058



Accurate Powder 2495 is a high-quality smokeless powder that is specially formulated for rifle cartridges. It is known for its consistency, clean-burning properties, and excellent performance in a wide range of calibers.

The Accurate Powder 2495 is a medium-burning powder, making it suitable for various rifle cartridges, including but not limited to .223 Remington, .308 Winchester, 6.5mm Creedmoor, and many others. It offers consistent velocities and pressures, ensuring reliable and accurate performance.

This powder is designed to deliver optimal performance across different bullet weights and barrel lengths. Its consistent burn rate helps achieve uniform velocities, which is crucial for accuracy and precision shooting.

Accurate Powder 2495 is also known for its clean-burning characteristics, which means it produces minimal residue and fouling in the firearm. This feature not only makes cleaning easier but also helps maintain the accuracy and reliability of your rifle.

As with all reloading components, it’s essential to follow safe reloading practices and consult appropriate load data for your specific cartridge and bullet combination. Start with conservative loads and work up gradually while carefully monitoring for signs of excessive pressure.

Accurate Powder is a reputable brand known for its consistent and reliable powders. The Accurate Powder 2495 1lb container provides a sufficient amount for your reloading needs, whether you are a casual shooter or a competitive shooter seeking consistent performance.

Please note that regulations regarding the purchase, storage, and use of smokeless powders may vary by location. It is important to comply with all local, state, and federal laws and guidelines when handling and storing any powder.

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