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Accurate Powder – TCM 1lb



  • Product: Accurate Powder – TCM 1lb
  • Powder Type: TCM
  • Weight: 1lb (pound)
Category: Product ID: 2080



Accurate Powder TCM is a specialized powder designed for use in high-performance pistol cartridges, specifically the .30 Mauser or Tokarev Cartridge Model (TCM). This powder is known for its consistent burning rate, clean-burning properties, and reliable performance.

The Accurate Powder TCM is formulated to provide optimal performance and accuracy in the .30 Mauser/TCM cartridge. It offers consistent velocities and pressures, which are essential for achieving accurate and repeatable results.

This powder is specifically designed to deliver reliable ignition and consistent performance, even in demanding conditions. Its clean-burning characteristics help to minimize fouling, allowing for easier maintenance and extended shooting sessions without compromising accuracy.

Accurate Powder TCM is suitable for both target shooting and competition use, offering reloaders the ability to fine-tune their loads for optimal performance. Its consistent burning rate ensures uniform velocities and trajectories, contributing to improved shot-to-shot consistency.

As with any reloading powder, it is important to consult reputable reloading manuals and follow recommended load data to ensure safe and reliable performance. Always adhere to proper safety precautions when handling and storing powders.

Please note that powder regulations may vary by location, and it’s essential to verify and comply with all applicable laws and regulations before purchasing or using powders.

Note: Reloading powders are intended for use by experienced reloaders who are familiar with proper reloading techniques and safety procedures. It is crucial to follow safe handling practices, including storing powders in a cool, dry place and keeping them out of the reach of children. Always wear appropriate eye and ear protection and adhere to proper reloading and firearm safety guidelines.

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