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American Eagle 338 Lapua 250gr SP 20/bx


The American Eagle 338 Lapua 250gr SP is a high-quality ammunition designed for shooters and hunters looking for reliable performance and accuracy in the .338 Lapua Magnum caliber. Produced by Federal, a trusted name in the ammunition industry, this ammunition is known for its consistent performance and affordability.


  • Caliber: .338 Lapua Magnum
  • Bullet Weight: 250 grains
  • Bullet Type: Soft Point (SP)
  • Quantity: 20 rounds per box
Category: Product ID: 1926


American Eagle 338 Lapua 250gr SP 20/bx


The American Eagle 338 Lapua 250gr SP ammunition is specifically designed for hunting and target shooting applications. The soft point bullet construction offers controlled expansion upon impact, making it suitable for hunting medium to large-sized games.

With a bullet weight of 250 grains, this ammunition provides excellent downrange energy and terminal performance. The .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge itself is renowned for its long-range capabilities and superior ballistic performance, making it a popular choice among long-range shooters and hunters.

The American Eagle line of ammunition is known for its reliable performance, consistent accuracy, and affordable price point. This makes it an excellent option for shooters who want to practice and train without breaking the bank.

Please note that it is essential to use ammunition appropriate for your firearm and to follow all safety guidelines and laws when handling and using firearms and ammunition. It is recommended to consult your firearm manufacturer’s recommendations and local regulations before using this ammunition.

In summary, the American Eagle 338 Lapua 250gr SP ammunition offers reliable performance and accuracy at an affordable price. Whether you’re a hunter or a long-range shooter, this ammunition provides the necessary power and performance for your .338 Lapua Magnum firearm.

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