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Barnes VOR-TX Safari 458 Lott 500gr Banded Solid 20/bx


The Barnes VOR-TX Safari 458 Lott 500gr Banded Solid ammunition is specifically designed for the powerful 458 Lott rifle cartridge, offering exceptional performance and accuracy for hunting and safari applications. Manufactured by Barnes Bullets, a trusted name in ammunition, this cartridge is engineered to deliver deep penetration and reliable expansion, making it ideal for big game hunting.


  • Caliber: 458 Lott
  • Bullet Weight: 500 grains
  • Bullet Type: Banded Solid
  • Box Quantity: 20 rounds
Category: Product ID: 1937


Barnes VOR-TX Safari 458 Lott 500gr Banded Solid 20/bx


The Barnes VOR-TX Safari 458 Lott ammunition is purpose-built for taking down large and dangerous game animals. It features a heavy 500-grain Banded Solid bullet that is designed to penetrate deeply and reliably expand, ensuring high weight retention and controlled expansion for maximum stopping power. The banded design helps to prevent barrel leading and ensures consistent accuracy.

The solid copper construction of the bullet provides several benefits. It offers excellent weight retention, allowing for deep penetration and effective energy transfer to the target. The controlled expansion of the bullet ensures consistent performance, even at extended ranges. Additionally, the all-copper design eliminates the risk of core-jacket separation, providing reliable terminal performance.

This ammunition is loaded with premium components and manufactured to strict quality control standards. Barnes Bullets is known for their innovative designs and commitment to excellence, making their VOR-TX Safari line a top choice for serious hunters and safari enthusiasts.

Please note that the 458 Lott is a potent and hard-hitting cartridge, suitable for large and dangerous game hunting. It is important to ensure that your firearm is chambered for the 458 Lott and that you follow safe and ethical hunting practices. Additionally, consult the specific load data provided by Barnes Bullets for this ammunition to ensure proper usage and performance.

In summary, the Barnes VOR-TX Safari 458 Lott 500gr Banded Solid ammunition offers exceptional performance and reliability for hunters pursuing large and dangerous game. With its deep penetration, controlled expansion, and high weight retention, it provides the stopping power needed for challenging hunting situations.

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