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Barnes VOR-TX Safari 458 Win Mag 450gr TSX 20/bx



  • Product: Barnes VOR-TX Safari Ammo
  • Caliber: .458 Win Mag
  • Bullet Weight: 450 grains
  • Bullet Type: TSX (Triple-Shock X)
Category: Product ID: 1940



The Barnes VOR-TX Safari 458 Win Mag ammunition is specifically designed for hunting large and dangerous game in African safari or other challenging hunting environments. This ammo is chambered in the powerful .458 Winchester Magnum caliber, which delivers tremendous stopping power and excellent penetration.

Each box contains 20 rounds of Barnes VOR-TX Safari ammo, loaded with 450-grain TSX bullets. The TSX bullets are constructed with a solid copper design, featuring a triple-shock X bullet profile. This design ensures deep penetration and controlled expansion, providing reliable and devastating terminal performance.

The VOR-TX Safari ammo is engineered for optimal performance and accuracy, with consistent velocities and reliable feeding in a variety of rifles chambered in .458 Win Mag. The high-quality components and strict quality control standards ensure reliable ignition and consistent performance shot after shot.

Barnes is known for producing premium ammunition that delivers exceptional performance and terminal ballistics. Their VOR-TX Safari line is specifically developed for hunting large and dangerous game, where stopping power and bullet performance are critical factors.

Whether you’re planning an African safari or pursuing large game in other challenging environments, the Barnes VOR-TX Safari 458 Win Mag ammo with 450-grain TSX bullets provides the reliability, accuracy, and terminal performance needed for a successful and ethical hunt.

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