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Barnes VOR-TX Safari 470 Nitro 500gr TSX 20/bx



  • Brand: Barnes
  • Ammo Type: VOR-TX Safari
  • Caliber: .470 Nitro Express
  • Bullet Weight: 500 grains
  • Bullet Type: TSX (Triple-Shock X)
Category: Product ID: 1942


Barnes VOR-TX Safari 470 Nitro 500gr TSX 20/bx


The Barnes VOR-TX Safari ammunition in .470 Nitro Express is designed specifically for big game hunting in Africa and other challenging hunting environments. It offers reliable performance and stopping power, making it an excellent choice for dangerous game.

The .470 Nitro Express caliber is known for its ability to deliver heavy-hitting power and deep penetration, making it suitable for hunting large and dangerous game such as Cape buffalo, elephant, and other dangerous species. The 500-grain TSX bullet used in this ammunition is designed for controlled expansion and deep penetration, ensuring maximum energy transfer and effective terminal performance.

The TSX bullet is made of solid copper and features a unique design that delivers high weight retention and consistent performance. It has multiple grooves and a polymer tip that aid in expansion upon impact, while the solid copper construction ensures deep penetration and reliable performance even in challenging conditions.

The Barnes VOR-TX Safari ammunition is loaded to strict tolerances using high-quality components to ensure consistent performance and accuracy. It is a reliable choice for hunters who require maximum stopping power and reliable terminal performance in their ammunition.

Please note that the .470 Nitro Express caliber is a powerful cartridge that requires appropriate firearms and is intended for experienced and skilled hunters. Always ensure that you follow proper safety procedures and consult reliable load data when reloading or using any ammunition.

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