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CCI 50 BMG Primers #35 | 500 Count


The CCI 50 BMG Primers #35 are high-quality primers specifically designed for use in .50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun) cartridges. These primers are known for their reliability, consistency, and performance, making them a popular choice among .50 BMG shooters and reloaders.


  • Primer Type: CCI #35
  • Caliber: .50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun)
  • Primer Size: Large Rifle
  • Primer Style: Boxer
  • Quantity: 500 primers per box
Category: Product ID: 2026



The CCI 50 BMG Primers #35 are engineered to meet the specific needs of the powerful .50 BMG cartridge. These large rifle primers are designed to deliver reliable ignition and consistent performance in this high-pressure and high-velocity round.

CCI primers are well-known for their quality and dependability. They are manufactured to strict standards, ensuring uniformity in ignition characteristics and sensitivity. This consistency helps to minimize shot-to-shot variations and contributes to overall accuracy and reliability.

The CCI #35 primers are boxer-style primers, meaning they have a centrally located ignition compound and a cup designed for easy removal during reloading. This allows reloaders to efficiently replace spent primers and assemble their own .50 BMG ammunition.

It’s important to note that the use of .50 BMG ammunition requires specialized firearms and reloading equipment due to the size and power of the cartridge. Always follow safe reloading practices and consult reputable reloading manuals for proper procedures and load data.

In summary, the CCI 50 BMG Primers #35 are a trusted choice for shooters and reloaders who demand reliable ignition and consistent performance in their .50 BMG cartridges. With their high-quality construction and adherence to strict manufacturing standards, these primers help ensure safe and accurate shooting experiences with the powerful .50 BMG round.

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