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CCI “APS” Small Rifle Bench Rest Primers Strip #BR4 | 1,000 Count



  • Brand: CCI (Cascade Cartridges Inc.)
  • Model: APS (Advanced Primer Sealing)
  • Type: Small Rifle Bench Rest Primers
  • Primer Type: BR4
  • Package Size: 1,000 Count
  • Primer Strip Format
Category: Product ID: 2022


CCI “APS” Small Rifle Bench Rest Primers Strip #BR4 | 1,000 Count

We worked with our sister company RCBS® to revolutionize primer handling. The APS strip primer feed system takes the tedium out of priming cases. You can get all CCI rifle/pistol primers (except No.34 and No.41) preloaded in self-feeding APS strips. Primers stay clean and oil-free because you don’t have to handle them individually. The strips are color-coded so you can quickly identify the primer type in use. Simply insert loaded strips in your APS-compatible reloading press or priming tool and start making ammo. Empty strips can be refilled with a special strip charging tool sold by RCBS. For more information on APS priming equipment, visit the RCBS web site by clicking here. APS strips can only be used in APS-ready RCBS equipment.



The CCI “APS” Small Rifle Bench Rest Primers in BR4 configuration are specifically designed for benchrest shooting applications, where precision and consistency are paramount. These primers are part of CCI’s renowned line of primers known for their reliability, uniformity, and superior performance.

The BR4 primers are small rifle primers that offer consistent ignition and are optimized for use in benchrest rifle cartridges. They are carefully engineered to deliver a high level of sensitivity, ensuring reliable ignition even with low-pressure loads. The primers’ design also helps to minimize the risk of slamfires, making them a preferred choice among benchrest shooters.

What sets the CCI APS primers apart is their advanced primer sealing technology. This feature helps to prevent moisture intrusion and ensures reliable performance, even in challenging environmental conditions. The primer sealing contributes to consistent ignition and enhances overall reliability, shot after shot.

The CCI APS Small Rifle Bench Rest Primers in BR4 configuration are conveniently packaged in strips, with each strip containing multiple primers. This strip format allows for easy handling and efficient loading, especially when using dedicated primer feeding systems.

Please remember to follow proper reloading practices and consult reliable load data when using CCI APS primers. It is essential to adhere to safe reloading procedures, including proper storage and handling of primers, as specified by the manufacturer.

With their exceptional quality, precision, and advanced primer sealing technology, the CCI APS Small Rifle Bench Rest Primers in BR4 configuration are an excellent choice for benchrest shooters who demand reliable ignition and exceptional accuracy.

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