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FIOCCHI 12GA 2 3/4″ – 7/8OZ LEAD CHILL 7.5


FIOCCHI 12GA 2 3/4″ – 7/8OZ LEAD CHILL 7.5″

  • Gauge: 12GA
  • Shell Length: 2 3/4″
  • Shot Weight: 7/8 ounce
  • Shot Type: Lead Chill
  • Shot Size: 7.5
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The FIOCCHI 12GA 2 3/4″ – 7/8OZ LEAD CHILL 7.5″ shotgun shells are designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. With a gauge of 12GA and a shell length of 2 3/4 inches, these shotgun shells are compatible with a wide range of shotguns, making them a versatile choice for various shooting applications.

Loaded with 7/8 ounce of lead shot, these shells provide a balanced combination of shot weight and velocity. The lead chill technology used in their manufacturing process ensures that the shot pellets maintain optimal hardness, resulting in consistent patterns and increased downrange energy transfer.

The shot size of 7.5 is a popular choice for target shooting, trap shooting, and small game hunting. The uniformity and precision of the shot pellets contribute to reliable and accurate performance, allowing shooters to achieve their desired results with confidence.

Fiocchi, a reputable ammunition manufacturer, employs advanced manufacturing techniques and stringent quality control measures to ensure the reliability and performance of their shotgun shells. These shells are designed to deliver consistent results and reliable ignition, enhancing the overall shooting experience.

Whether you’re engaging in recreational shooting, honing your skills at the range, or pursuing small game in the field, the FIOCCHI 12GA 2 3/4″ – 7/8OZ LEAD CHILL 7.5″ shotgun shells provide the performance and reliability you need. Trust in Fiocchi’s commitment to excellence and enjoy the accuracy and consistency these shells offer.

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