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Hodgdon 777 Pellets Magnum



  • Product: Hodgdon 777 Pellets Magnum
  • Type: Black Powder Pellets
  • Weight: Magnum size
Category: Product ID: 2158



The Hodgdon 777 Pellets Magnum are black powder pellets designed for muzzleloading enthusiasts and hunters seeking reliable performance and convenience. These magnum-size pellets are a convenient alternative to loose black powder, offering consistent ignition and burn rates for enhanced accuracy.

The 777 Pellets Magnum are made from Hodgdon’s proprietary formula, which incorporates sulfur-free compounds for improved performance and reduced fouling. These pellets provide consistent velocities and pressures, allowing shooters to achieve reliable shot-to-shot accuracy.

The magnum size of the pellets ensures greater energy and power, making them suitable for larger game or longer-range shots. Whether you’re targeting big game or participating in muzzleloader competitions, the 777 Pellets Magnum offer the necessary power and performance.

The convenient pellet form eliminates the need for measuring and pouring loose powder, saving time and reducing the chances of spillage or waste. Each pellet is pre-measured and ready to use, simplifying the reloading process and ensuring consistent loads.

The Hodgdon 777 Pellets Magnum are designed for use in muzzleloaders and are compatible with various bullet weights and styles. They offer a versatile option for different hunting situations and shooting preferences.

It’s important to note that when using black powder or black powder substitutes like the 777 Pellets Magnum, proper safety precautions and adherence to local laws and regulations are essential. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for safe handling, storage, and usage.

If you’re a muzzleloader enthusiast or a hunter seeking reliable and convenient black powder performance, the Hodgdon 777 Pellets Magnum are an excellent choice. Their consistent ignition, burn rates, and magnum power make them a reliable option for achieving accuracy and performance in your muzzleloading endeavors.


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