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Hodgdon Powder – 800-X 8lb



  • Product: Hodgdon Powder – 800-X
  • Weight: 8 lb



The Hodgdon Powder – 800-X is a high-performance powder designed for large-volume handgun and shotgun loads. With its versatile capabilities, this powder offers excellent performance in various applications, including magnum handgun cartridges and 12-gauge shotgun shells.

The 800-X powder is known for its consistent burning characteristics and high energy output. It provides the necessary power to drive heavy projectiles at impressive velocities, making it suitable for both target shooting and hunting purposes.

One of the key advantages of Hodgdon Powder – 800-X is its ability to deliver consistent pressures and velocities across different temperature ranges. This makes it reliable and predictable, regardless of the environmental conditions during shooting.

As a double-base powder, 800-X exhibits clean-burning properties, resulting in reduced fouling and easier cleanup after shooting sessions. This not only helps maintain the performance of your firearm but also makes the reloading process more convenient.

When working with 800-X powder, it is essential to consult reliable load data sources and follow safe reloading practices. Respect the recommended charge weights and pressure limits provided by the manufacturer to ensure safe and optimal performance.

The 8 lb package of Hodgdon Powder – 800-X is a great choice for high-volume reloaders or those who frequently use this powder for their handgun or shotgun loads. It offers an ample supply of powder, ensuring you have enough to meet your shooting needs while providing the consistent performance and reliability that Hodgdon powders are known for.

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