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Hodgdon Powder – BL-C(2) 1lb



  • Product: Hodgdon Powder – BL-C(2)
  • Weight: 1 lb
Category: Product ID: 2165



The Hodgdon Powder – BL-C(2) is a versatile powder option suitable for a wide range of rifle calibers. It is a spherical powder that offers consistent performance and reliable ignition for both small and large cartridges.

BL-C(2) powder is known for its excellent metering properties, making it easy to achieve precise and consistent powder charges during the reloading process. This consistency translates into more accurate and reliable shooting performance.

The powder’s burn rate falls in the medium range, making it well-suited for a variety of bullet weights and applications. It is particularly popular among competitive shooters, varmint hunters, and target shooters who demand consistent accuracy and performance.

One of the notable features of BL-C(2) powder is its ability to deliver excellent velocity and energy without excessive pressure. This allows shooters to achieve optimal performance while maintaining safe pressure levels.

Furthermore, Hodgdon Powder – BL-C(2) exhibits clean-burning characteristics, reducing fouling and making the cleaning process easier after extended shooting sessions. This feature not only helps maintain the performance of your firearm but also saves you time during maintenance.

When working with BL-C(2) powder, it is important to refer to reliable load data sources and adhere to safe reloading practices. Follow the recommended charge weights and pressure limits provided by the manufacturer to ensure safe and accurate performance.

The 1 lb package of Hodgdon Powder – BL-C(2) is ideal for reloaders who require a moderate amount of powder or wish to try out this versatile powder for their rifle loads. It provides ample supply while delivering the consistent performance and reliability that Hodgdon powders are known for.

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