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Hodgdon Powder – CFE 223 1lb



  • Product: Hodgdon Powder – CFE 223 1lb
  • Powder Type: CFE 223
  • Weight: 1lb



The Hodgdon Powder – CFE 223 1lb is a specialized powder designed for .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO cartridges. CFE 223, which stands for “Copper Fouling Eraser,” is known for its clean-burning properties, consistent performance, and versatility.

The CFE 223 powder is formulated to reduce copper fouling in the barrel, which helps maintain accuracy over extended shooting sessions. By minimizing fouling, shooters can experience improved barrel life and reduced maintenance requirements.

One of the notable features of CFE 223 powder is its ability to provide consistent velocities and pressures. This consistency translates to enhanced accuracy and shot-to-shot uniformity, making it a popular choice among competitive shooters and precision rifle enthusiasts.

CFE 223 powder is also known for its clean-burning characteristics. It produces minimal residue and carbon buildup, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and allowing shooters to focus on their shooting experience.

The 1lb container of Hodgdon Powder – CFE 223 is ideal for reloaders who require a smaller quantity or those who want to try out the powder for the first time. The compact packaging ensures convenient storage and easy access to the powder.

With its versatility, CFE 223 powder can be used for various .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO loads, including both light and heavy bullet weights. Its consistent performance and clean-burning properties make it suitable for a range of applications, including target shooting, competition, and even varmint hunting.

If you’re searching for a powder specifically tailored for .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO cartridges, Hodgdon Powder – CFE 223 1lb is an excellent choice. Its copper fouling erasing capabilities, consistent performance, and clean-burning nature make it a reliable option for achieving accuracy and maintaining barrel integrity.

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