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Hodgdon Powder – H322 8lb


  • Product: Hodgdon Powder – H322 8lb
  • Powder Type: H322
  • Weight: 8lb
Category: Product ID: 2192



The Hodgdon Powder – H322 8lb is a specialized rifle powder designed for specific calibers and applications. It offers excellent performance, consistency, and accuracy, making it a popular choice among precision shooters and reloaders.

H322 powder is optimized for use in small-caliber cartridges, particularly in the .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO. It delivers consistent velocities, reliable ignition, and exceptional metering, ensuring precise and repeatable powder charges for consistent shooting results.

One of the key features of H322 powder is its burn rate, which is carefully calibrated to provide optimal performance in specific cartridges. This burn rate allows for controlled pressure levels and consistent velocities, resulting in excellent accuracy and downrange performance.

With its clean-burning characteristics, H322 powder helps minimize fouling and residue buildup, contributing to easier firearm maintenance. It ignites consistently, ensuring reliable shot-to-shot performance and enhancing overall shooting experience.

The 8lb package of Hodgdon Powder – H322 provides a substantial quantity of powder, making it ideal for high-volume shooters and reloaders. It offers an ample supply for multiple reloading sessions, allowing you to maintain a steady supply of this specialized powder.

Whether you’re a competitive shooter, precision marksman, or a dedicated reloader, Hodgdon Powder – H322 8lb is an excellent choice for optimizing the performance of your small-caliber cartridges. Its specialized design, consistent burn rate, and clean-burning properties make it a trusted powder for achieving accuracy and reliability in your shooting endeavors.

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