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Hodgdon Powder – H4198 8lb



  • Product: Hodgdon Powder – H4198 8lb
  • Powder Type: H4198
  • Weight: 8lb
Category: Product ID: 2198



The Hodgdon Powder – H4198 8lb is a versatile and high-performance rifle powder trusted by reloaders for its consistent burn rate and reliability. It is specifically formulated for small caliber cartridges and delivers excellent performance in both light and heavy bullet weights.

With its fast burn rate, H4198 powder is ideal for cartridges such as .223 Remington, .222 Remington, .221 Fireball, and other similar calibers. It provides optimal velocity and pressure for these smaller cartridges, resulting in enhanced accuracy and performance.

The H4198 powder is known for its clean-burning properties, which helps minimize fouling and residue buildup in the barrel. This not only reduces the frequency of cleaning but also ensures consistent velocities and pressures shot after shot. The clean burn also contributes to prolonged barrel life.

Reloading with H4198 powder is a breeze, thanks to its excellent metering characteristics. It consistently dispenses accurate powder charges, allowing reloaders to achieve precise and uniform loads. This consistency translates into improved accuracy and shot-to-shot consistency.

With the generous 8lb package, the Hodgdon Powder – H4198 offers reloaders a long-lasting supply of powder for their shooting needs. Whether you are a competitive shooter, a varmint hunter, or a dedicated hobbyist, this larger quantity provides convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Experience the reliability and performance of Hodgdon Powder – H4198 in your reloads. Its consistent burn rate, clean-burning properties, and ease of use make it a popular choice among reloaders seeking optimal results in small caliber cartridges.

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