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Hodgdon Powder – H4895 8lb



  • Product: Hodgdon Powder – H4895 8lb
  • Powder Type: H4895
  • Weight: 8lb
Category: Product ID: 2219



The Hodgdon Powder – H4895 8lb is a high-quality rifle powder that is trusted by reloaders for its consistent performance and versatility. It is specifically designed for medium rifle cartridges, offering a balanced burn rate that delivers optimal performance across a range of bullet weights and velocities.

H4895 powder is a popular choice among competitive shooters, hunters, and reloading enthusiasts. Its consistent performance ensures reliable ignition, accuracy, and shot-to-shot consistency. This powder is commonly used in calibers such as .223 Remington, .308 Winchester, and .30-06 Springfield, among others.

One of the key advantages of H4895 powder is its clean-burning characteristics. It produces minimal fouling and residue buildup in the barrel, reducing the frequency of cleaning and contributing to extended barrel life. The clean burn also helps maintain consistent velocities and pressures, resulting in improved accuracy.

The H4895 powder is known for its excellent metering properties, making it easy to measure and dispense during the reloading process. This reduces the chances of variations in powder charges, ensuring consistent performance and eliminating potential safety risks.

With its 8lb package, the Hodgdon Powder – H4895 provides reloaders with a generous supply of powder for their shooting needs. The larger quantity is ideal for those who frequently reload or shoot in high volumes, as it offers convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Whether you are a precision shooter, a competitive shooter, or a dedicated hunter, Hodgdon Powder – H4895 will meet your expectations for accuracy, consistency, and performance. Elevate your reloading game with this reliable and versatile rifle powder.

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