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Hodgdon Powder – HP-38 1lb



  • Product: Hodgdon Powder – HP-38 1lb
  • Powder Type: HP-38
  • Weight: 1lb
Category: Product ID: 2220



The Hodgdon Powder – HP-38 1lb is a versatile and reliable powder option for handgun cartridges. With its consistent performance and clean-burning characteristics, it has become a popular choice among reloaders looking for optimal performance and accuracy.

The HP-38 powder is specifically designed for a wide range of handgun calibers, making it suitable for both target shooting and self-defense applications. Its burn rate is carefully calibrated to provide optimal pressure and velocity, ensuring consistent and reliable performance in various handguns.

One of the key features of HP-38 powder is its clean-burning formulation. It leaves minimal residue and fouling in the firearm, resulting in easier maintenance and prolonged shooting sessions. The clean-burning nature of this powder also contributes to consistent velocities and reliable ignition, allowing shooters to achieve tighter shot groups.

HP-38 powder exhibits excellent metering properties, making it easy to measure and load precise charges during the reloading process. This ensures consistency in powder charges, which directly translates to consistent performance and accuracy in the fired rounds.

With its consistent burn rate and reliable performance, HP-38 powder is suitable for a wide range of handgun cartridges, including popular calibers like 9mm Luger, .45 ACP, .40 S&W, and many others. Reloaders can trust the consistent performance of HP-38 powder to achieve the desired velocities and bullet performance in their handgun loads.

Overall, the Hodgdon Powder – HP-38 1lb is a reliable and versatile powder choice for handgun reloaders. Its clean-burning formulation, excellent metering properties, and consistent performance make it a go-to option for both target shooters and self-defense enthusiasts. Enjoy the benefits of consistent and accurate handloads with the HP-38 powder in the convenient 1lb package.

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