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IMR Powder – 4198 1lb



  • Product: IMR Powder – 4198 1lb
  • Powder Type: IMR 4198
  • Weight: 1lb
Category: Product ID: 2227



The IMR Powder – 4198 1lb is a versatile propellant designed for reloading rifle cartridges. This powder belongs to the IMR series and specifically formulated as IMR 4198. With a weight of 1lb, it provides reloaders with an ample quantity for their reloading needs.

IMR 4198 powder is known for its unique burn rate, making it suitable for various rifle calibers and bullet weights. It offers a balance between fast-burning and medium-burning powders, providing consistent performance and reliable ignition. Whether you’re reloading for small to medium-sized cartridges or seeking to optimize performance in specific loads, IMR 4198 powder delivers consistent results.

The powder’s versatile nature allows it to excel in a range of applications. It’s particularly popular among shooters who reload for cartridges such as .223 Remington, .22-250 Remington, .30-30 Winchester, and more. Its burn rate and composition make it well-suited for both bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles.

IMR 4198 powder offers several advantages to reloaders. It exhibits good metering properties, allowing for precise and consistent powder charges during the reloading process. This promotes uniformity in cartridge performance, contributing to tighter shot groups and improved accuracy. Additionally, the powder has good temperature stability, ensuring reliable performance across different environmental conditions.

When using IMR 4198 powder, you can expect reliable ignition, consistent velocities, and predictable pressures. These attributes are crucial for achieving accuracy and shot-to-shot consistency in your reloads, whether you’re engaging targets at the range or pursuing game in the field.

Choose the IMR Powder – 4198 1lb to experience the benefits of this versatile propellant. With its consistent performance and reliable ignition, it’s a trusted choice for reloaders who seek optimal results in their rifle cartridges. Reload with confidence and achieve the desired performance with every shot using IMR 4198 powder.

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