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M18 Colored Smoke grenade



M18 Colored Smoke grenade

The  M18 Colored Smoke grenade    was developed in 1942 during    http://mossberg mc1sc  and was completed in November of that year. It was designed to replace the M16 smoke grenade, which did not burn as long or as vividly. It was designated standard issue in the fall of 1943. Both were produced at the same time as the M16 production lines were already setup when the M18 Colored Smoke grenade    was adopted.(G28 Copy) The M16 was available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and black. The M18 initially were going to be produced in the same colors, including white, but it was decided to limit it to four colors (red, yellow, green and violet) (G28 Copy)    for simplicity. The M18 Colored Smoke grenade   was declared limited standard in 1944 but was still available when it was declared obsolete in the early 1990s.

M18 Colored Smoke grenade                                                                                                                                                                 The violet- M18 Colored Smoke grenade    was used in-theater because of its vivid color; previously it was only used in the United States for training. Its smoke was more toxic than the other color mixtures and was removed from the inventory after the end of the Cold War in the 1990s,   Glock G43X

M18 Colored Smoke grenade                                                                                                                                                                 The green-colored smoke grenade was still used in Southeast Asia because the jungle undergrowth was a different color and would still contrast with it. It was discovered that the green smoke drove away swarming bees    Remington RM380 Executive                                                                                                                                                                                                                       When a ground element popped smoke to identify its location to aircraft, the aircraft was not told the color, but told to identify the color they saw.   http://glock g43x  ,This prevented the VC/NVA if monitoring the frequency from popping smoke of the same color to confuse the aircraft. For additional security the colors were sometimes identified as cherry (red),http://Mach100ine Gun Rounds – 50 BMG Linked Belt in Ammo Can/Box     lime (green), lemon or .M18 Color Smoke Grenade                                                                                        M18 Colored Smoke grenade
M18Colored Smoke grenade  and MP-2S-G Green Smoke Grenades are based on the US Military’s M- 18 type color smoke grenades and deliver a dense cloud of colored smoke with a discharge time of approximately 60 seconds. These grenades are used for training and signaling purposes. They are also very effective for use in creating a distraction.
Other colors  available(G28 Copy) (Copy