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M25A2 riot control hand grenade




This item contains no hazardous substance, is totally Inert, cannot be modified to be used as a weapon and is being presented as a Collectable Curio Display Item in compliance with E-Bay Policies and Rules.http://glock g43x  Up for Auction is a United States. This item has been rendered EOD Inert by removing all explosive component  M25A2 riot control hand grenade  . The body is marked: M25A2 riot contro grenadel hand  and CS Gas and the gas chamber cleaned with acetone. Item is in excellent + condition with no cracks in the body and the filling plugs are intact and easily removable. All lettering bright and intact as shown in photos. Also included is the original shipping container, which has been opened from the bottom so it will appear unopened when displayed. This grenade is an example that will never have to be upgraded and will make an excellent addition to any ordnance collection. Please contact me with any questions or if you need additional photos from a different view. I will be listing other Inert items from a 30 Year EOD Collection throughout the next several weeks.(G28 Copy) (Copy  Payment by PayPal or Money Order. $6.00 USPS Priority Mail Shipping with Insurance and Delivery Confirmation included any in the United States. http://Mach100ine Gun Rounds – 50 BMG Linked Belt in Ammo Can/Box Item ships next business day after receipt of payment. Attention bidders outside the United States. I have been contacted by bidders outside the United


the   M25A2 riot control hand grenade (G28 Copy) (Copy(G28 Copy)  M18 Colored Smoke grenadeGrenade, MKIIIA1Mach100ine Gun Rounds – 50 BMG Linked Belt in Ammo Can/Box  Mach100ine Gun Rounds – 50 BMG Linked Belt in Ammo Can/Box  body is spherical.  http://gtlock g43x  It is made of two plastic hemispheres cemented together. The two pieces together form a burster well and slider housing.

The fuze is a pyrotechnic delay-detonating type integral with the grenade body. The fuzing components consist of an arming sleeve, arming pin, firing spring, slider assembly, and firing pin. The slider assembly contains a primer, pyrotechnic delay column, and a detonator. The grenade is assembled with a safety pin and pulling ring.http://Mach100ine Gun Rounds – 50 BMG Linked Belt in Ammo Can/Box