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Mach100ine Gun Rounds – 50 BMG Linked Belt in Ammo Can/Box



Where can i buy Mach100ine Gun Rounds – 50 BMG Linked Belt in Ammo can/box.

Mach100ine Gun Rounds – 50 BMG Linked Belt in Ammo Can/Box,

$595.00    Call for shipping and payment options. Ammo sales are Final.

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Belt sections of .  Mach100ine Gun Rounds – 50 BMG Linked Belt in Ammo Can/Box   fake bullets in M2 Browning machine gun links. From 5 rounds up to 105 rounds, which is the belt length for a WWII era “.50 cal” ammo can.

Looks and feels just like what the “Greatest Generation” used during WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam, and still today    http://GLOCK G43X

Great for reenactors, museums, aircraft and vehicle owners, or just display.

Properly sized and seated.  Available with spent primers remaining, empty primer pockets, or holes drilled in the cases.http://G28.

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The Best Tool for Firearms Training, Safely Function Checking, and Historically Accurate!

  • SAME WEIGHT and FEEL as live rounds, but completely INERT. J&M Spec Snap Caps are made from real brass cartridge cases and real bullets, just no powder or primer.
  • Historical Accuracy – We go to great lengths to ensure all of our vintage and historical cartridges are period correct and still function flawlessly.  There’s no reason to do something unless you do it right, and make it look good too!
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  • Customizable to fit your needs – Whether you are function checking or reenacting, we have the configuration you need for dummy ammunition.  We offer a selection of options including spent primers, orange rubber primers, rattling cartridges, all black cases, and more!
  • Industry leading quality and customer service – Please call or email us if you ever have problem or question about one of our products.http://M18 Colored Smoke grenade                                                                                                    


100 Rounds Linked - 50 BMG 700 Grain M2AP Spec Black Tip ...Grenade, MKIIIA1   M25A2 riot control hand grenade   M18 Colored Smoke grenade’.