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N105 1lb Vihtavuori Powder


The N105 1lb Vihtavuori Powder is a high-quality propellant designed for reloading various handgun cartridges. Vihtavuori powders are known for their excellent quality and consistency, making them popular among reloaders who seek optimal performance and accuracy.


  • Powder Type: N105
  • Weight: 1 lb (0.454 kg)
Category: Product ID: 2099



Vihtavuori N105 is a slow-burning, single-base powder suitable for a wide range of handgun cartridges. It is especially well-suited for magnum and large-capacity cases, providing consistent performance and excellent velocity control.

N105 powder offers consistent burn rates and clean combustion, which contributes to consistent muzzle velocities and improved accuracy. Its slow-burning characteristics make it ideal for high-pressure cartridges, as it helps to optimize chamber pressure and reduce muzzle flash.

Reloaders appreciate Vihtavuori powders for their precise and uniform composition, which leads to predictable and repeatable results. The consistent performance of N105 powder ensures that each round you reload will perform consistently, shot after shot.

When working with Vihtavuori N105 powder or any other reloading components, it is crucial to follow proper reloading practices and consult reputable reloading manuals for load data specific to your desired cartridge. Always ensure safe handling and storage of powders and components.

In summary, the Vihtavuori N105 1lb powder is a reliable and consistent choice for handgun reloading, particularly for magnum and large-capacity cartridges. Its slow-burning characteristics, clean combustion, and consistent performance make it a preferred powder among reloaders who prioritize accuracy and performance.

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