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N165 1lb Vihtavuori Powder


The Vihtavuori N165 powder is a high-quality smokeless powder designed for reloading rifle cartridges. With its versatile burn rate and consistent performance, it is suitable for a wide range of calibers and bullet weights. Each container contains 1 pound (1 lb) of powder.

Short Description – Specification:

  • Powder Type: Smokeless Powder
  • Model: N165
  • Weight: 1 lb (pound)
Category: Product ID: 2122


Description: The Vihtavuori N165 powder is a popular choice among reloaders who are looking for a versatile and reliable powder for their rifle cartridges. It offers a burn rate that falls within the medium to slow range, making it suitable for a variety of calibers and bullet weights.

This powder is known for its excellent consistency and performance, providing reloaders with predictable results shot after shot. The N165 powder offers a good balance between velocity and pressure, allowing for consistent velocities and accuracy. It is particularly well-suited for cartridges like the .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, and other similar calibers.

Vihtavuori powders are renowned for their high quality and strict quality control measures. Each batch of powder is carefully manufactured to ensure consistent grain size and burn rate. This level of consistency helps to minimize variations in velocities and pressures, resulting in improved accuracy and shot-to-shot consistency.

The N165 powder is also known for its temperature stability, which is important for maintaining consistent performance across a range of environmental conditions. It performs well in both hot and cold temperatures, making it suitable for various shooting environments and seasons.

When using the Vihtavuori N165 powder, it is important to follow safe reloading practices and consult appropriate reloading manuals for load data and guidelines specific to your cartridge and bullet combination. Vihtavuori provides reloading data on their official website and in their published manuals to assist reloaders in developing safe and accurate loads.

Overall, the Vihtavuori N165 powder offers reloaders a versatile and reliable option for their rifle cartridges, with consistent performance and accuracy. Its medium to slow burn rate, coupled with temperature stability, makes it a popular choice among experienced reloaders who value consistent and accurate handloads.

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