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N340 1lb Vihtavuori Powder



  • Product: N340 1lb Vihtavuori Powder
  • Powder Type: Handgun Powder
  • Weight: 1 lb (453.6 grams)
Category: Product ID: 2126



Vihtavuori N340 is a versatile handgun powder that is widely used by competitive shooters, target shooters, and enthusiasts alike. This high-quality powder is known for its clean-burning properties, consistent performance, and excellent metering characteristics.

The N340 powder is well-suited for a wide range of handgun cartridges, including popular calibers such as 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. Its burn rate falls in the medium range, providing optimal performance and reliable ignition in various handgun platforms.

One of the notable features of Vihtavuori N340 is its clean-burning nature. This helps to reduce fouling and keep your firearm cleaner, allowing for easier maintenance and extended shooting sessions without the need for frequent cleanings.

The 1 lb (453.6 grams) container of Vihtavuori N340 offers a sufficient amount of powder for your reloading needs. Its consistent density and granulation ensure accurate and repeatable charges, contributing to improved shot-to-shot consistency and accuracy.

Vihtavuori powders are renowned for their high quality and strict quality control standards. The N340 powder is no exception, providing reloaders with a reliable and consistent powder that delivers consistent velocities and performance.

It’s important to note that when working with any reloading powder, proper safety precautions must be followed. Always refer to reputable reloading manuals for load data and recommended charge weights. Safety should always be the top priority in reloading operations.

Choose Vihtavuori N340 for your handgun reloading needs and experience the benefits of clean-burning, consistent performance, and reliable ignition. This powder is trusted by shooters worldwide and is a top choice for precision handgun reloading.

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