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Remington #2 1/2 Large Pistol Primers | 1,000 Count



  • Brand: Remington
  • Primer Type: Large Pistol
  • Primer Size: #2 1/2
  • Quantity: 1,000 primers per box
Category: Product ID: 1980


Remington #2 1/2 Large Pistol Primers | 1,000 Count

Being a leader in both the firearms and ammunition industry Remington knows how important it is to have the highest quality ammunition available to make your firearm perform to its fullest potential. This starts with using the best components possible to manufacture ammunition. These are the same primers Remington uses in the production of their own ammunition and performs to their highest standards. If you want the best possible out of your firearm you have to start with the best that’s why reloaders choose Remington components for their loads. Within every Remington primer is a group of subcomponents assembled to exceptionally tight tolerances. Primer cup dimensions are controlled to .0001″, and the priming mix is specially formulated for consistent ignition with a wide variety of powder types. Primers are tested for reliability from -20 degrees F to 150 degrees F. The unique tripod anvil design creates a larger strike area with maximum sensitivity, even with off center firing pin strikes.


The Remington #2 1/2 Large Pistol Primers are a reliable choice for handgun reloading. Designed specifically for large pistol cartridges, these primers offer consistent and dependable ignition for your reloading needs.

These primers are manufactured by Remington, a renowned brand known for its quality ammunition and components. The #2 1/2 size is designed to fit large pistol primer pockets, ensuring proper fit and function in compatible cartridges.

With a box of 1,000 primers, you’ll have an ample supply to support your reloading activities. These primers are carefully crafted to provide reliable ignition, helping to ensure consistent performance and accuracy in your handgun loads.

Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a recreational shooter, or a serious handloader, the Remington #2 1/2 Large Pistol Primers are a trusted choice for your reloading needs. They offer the reliability and consistency you expect from Remington, making them a valuable component for your reloading bench.



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