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Top 10 Home Defense Shotguns 2023, Are you ready to protect your home like never before? Look no further than the best shotguns for home defense. Choosing a reliable shotgun is paramount. But with so many options out there, how do you know which one is right for you?

We’ll also delve into the top shotguns that are making waves in 2023. Get ready to discover powerful and versatile firearms that will give any intruder second thoughts.


Top 10 Home Defense Shotguns 2023

Home defense shotguns are not just ordinary firearms; they are purpose-built for protecting your sanctuary. Whether it’s defending against potential threats or ensuring peace of mind, these tactical shotguns have got you covered. They offer superior firepower, allowing you to handle any situation with confidence.

For both experienced shooters and those new to firearms, finding the perfect shotgun can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to guide you through the process. From action shotguns to combat-ready automatics, we’ll explore the various options available.

Capacity matters too. The ability to fire multiple shots without reloading can make all the difference in critical moments. With buckshot loads designed specifically for close-quarters encounters, these shotguns deliver unparalleled stopping power.

So why settle for anything less. It’s time to lock and load!

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Home Defense Shotgun:

Gauge Size, Barrel Length, and Overall Weight

Let’s dive right into the nitty-gritty of choosing the best shotgun for home defense. One crucial factor to consider is the gauge size, barrel length, and overall weight of the shotgun. The gauge size refers to the diameter of the shotgun’s bore, with smaller numbers indicating larger bores. For home defense purposes, 12-gauge shotguns are often recommended due to their versatility and availability of ammunition.

Shorter barrels offer greater manoeuvrability in tight spaces like hallways or rooms. A shorter barrel allows you to easily navigate corners without sacrificing accuracy or control. However, it’s important to strike a balance between manoeuvrability and effectiveness. A barrel length between 18-20 inches is generally considered ideal for home defense shotguns.

Considering the overall weight of your chosen shotgun is also crucial. You’ll want a firearm that you can comfortably handle while maintaining stability during high-stress situations. Shotguns with excessive weight may cause fatigue over extended periods or hinder quick target acquisition. Strike a balance by opting for a shotgun that feels comfortable in your hands without compromising on durability and reliability.

Pump-action vs Semi-automatic Shotguns

Now let’s talk about two popular types of shotguns: pump-action and semi-automatics. Both have their unique advantages.

Pump-action shotguns are renowned for their reliability and simplicity. They operate by manually sliding the forend back and forth to chamber each round before firing. This manual action provides an added layer of security as they are less prone to malfunction compared to other types of firearms. Pump-action shotguns can cycle various loads reliably without requiring specific ammunition compatibility.

On the other hand, semi-automatic shotguns offer faster follow-up shots due to their automatic cycling mechanism. With each pull of the trigger, these shotguns automatically eject spent shells and load a fresh round into the chamber. This rapid-fire capability can be advantageous in certain home defense situations where multiple threats need to be neutralized quickly.

Ultimately, the choice between pump-action and semi-automatic shotguns boils down to personal preference and comfort level with firearm operation. Both options have proven track records for home defense, so consider which one aligns better with your shooting style and needs.

Magazine Capacity and Ammunition Compatibility

Magazine capacity plays a vital role in ensuring you have enough rounds readily available without frequent reloading. Shotguns typically come with varying magazine capacities, ranging from 4+1 to extended magazines capable of holding more rounds. Consider the layout of your home and potential threats when deciding on an appropriate magazine capacity.

Furthermore, it’s important to ensure that your chosen shotgun is compatible with different types of ammunition. Shotguns can fire various loads such as birdshot, buckshot, or slugs. Each type serves a specific purpose, whether it’s spreading pellets for close-quarters encounters or delivering a single projectile for longer-range engagements. Opting for a shotgun that can handle multiple ammunition types gives you versatility in adapting to different self-defense scenarios.

Ergonomics and Ease of Use

Last but certainly not least, let’s discuss the significance of ergonomics and ease of use when selecting a home defense shotgun. A well-designed shotgun should feel comfortable in your hands while allowing quick target acquisition and minimal recoil.

Consider features like adjustable stocks that cater to different body sizes or preferences. The ability to customize your shotgun’s length of pull ensures optimal fitment for enhanced control during high-stress situations.

Check if the shotgun has user-friendly controls such as an easily accessible safety switch or slide release button. When seconds count, having intuitive controls can make all the difference in deploying your firearm effectively.

Remember that practice makes perfect! Regular training and familiarity with your chosen shotgun are essential for mastering its ergonomics and optimizing your home defense capabilities.

Top Shotguns for Home Defense in 2023:

Updated List of Highly Recommended Shotguns

Looking for the best shotgun to protect your home? We’ve compiled an updated list of highly recommended shotguns specifically designed for home defense. These firearms are known for their reliability, performance, and popularity among users. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a first-time gun owner, there’s an option here to suit every budget.

Reliable and Popular Options

  1. Mossberg 500: The Mossberg 500 series has long been a favorite among shotgun enthusiasts. Known for its ruggedness and dependability, the Mossberg 500 offers a wide range of configurations to meet individual needs. Its smooth pump-action mechanism ensures quick follow-up shots when needed most.

  2. Remington 870: Another iconic shotgun is the Remington 870. Trusted by law enforcement agencies worldwide, this pump-action shotgun delivers exceptional reliability and versatility. With various models available, including tactical versions equipped with accessories like red dot sights or extended magazines, the Remington 870 is a top choice for home defense.

  3. Benelli M4: If you’re seeking semi-automatic firepower combined with proven reliability, the Benelli M4 is worth considering. This gas-operated auto gun has gained popularity among military and law enforcement personnel due to its outstanding performance in harsh conditions. The Benelli M4’s ability to handle different types of ammunition makes it suitable for both close-quarters encounters and longer-range engagements.

Catering to Different Budgets

The home defense shouldn’t break the bank, which is why we’ve included options across various price ranges:

  • Budget-Friendly:

    • Maverick 88: A more affordable alternative from Mossberg that retains many features of its higher-end counterpart.

    • H&R Pardner Pump: An economical yet reliable pump-action shotgun that won’t disappoint when it matters most.

  • Mid-Range:

  • High-End:

    • Beretta 1301 Tactical: For those willing to invest in top-tier performance, the Beretta 1301 Tactical delivers unmatched reliability and speed.

    • FN SLP Mark I: Designed with input from law enforcement professionals, the FN SLP Mark I offers exceptional durability and precision.

Reputable Manufacturers of Quality Firearms

Sticking with reputable manufacturers ensures you’re investing in a reliable firearm. Here are some manufacturers known for producing high-quality shotguns:

  • Mossberg: A trusted name in the firearms industry, Mossberg shotguns have established themselves as reliable tools for self-defense.

  • Remington: With over two centuries of experience, Remington has earned its reputation as one of America’s oldest and most respected firearms manufacturers.

  • Benelli: Renowned for their innovative designs and superior engineering, Benelli shotguns are favored by professionals worldwide.

  • Beretta: Combining Italian craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, Beretta shotguns offer exceptional reliability and performance.

These manufacturers prioritize safety features while delivering firearms that excel in home defense scenarios. Remember to familiarize yourself with your chosen shotgun’s operation before relying on it for protection.

Benelli M Tactical: The Ultimate Semi-Automatic Choice:

The Benelli M Tactical is a top-notch semi-automatic shotgun that stands out from the competition in terms of features, performance, and reliability. With its high-capacity magazine and rapid-fire capabilities, this shotgun is designed to provide homeowners with the ultimate defense solution. Let’s delve into what makes the Benelli M Tactical a standout choice for those seeking a reliable firearm for home defense.

High-Capacity Magazine and Rapid-Fire Capabilities

One of the key features that set the Benelli M Tactical apart is its high-capacity magazine. With the ability to hold multiple rounds, this shotgun ensures that you have enough firepower at your disposal when defending your home. Whether facing multiple intruders or dealing with a high-stress situation, having a larger ammo capacity can be crucial.

In addition to its high-capacity magazine, the Benelli M Tactical offers rapid-fire capabilities. This means that you can quickly fire off rounds without compromising accuracy or control. When faced with an imminent threat, being able to rapidly respond can make all the difference in ensuring your safety and that of your loved ones.

Durability, Reliability, and Ease of Maintenance

Durability and reliability are paramount. The Benelli M Tactical excels in both these areas. Constructed with high-quality materials and precision engineering, this shotgun is built to withstand rigorous use and harsh conditions.

Moreover, maintaining the Benelli M Tactical is a breeze. Its design allows for easy disassembly and cleaning, ensuring that you can keep it in optimal working condition without much hassle. This ease of maintenance not only saves time but also guarantees that your firearm will be ready when you need it most.

Notable Reputation Among Law Enforcement Agencies

The reputation of the Benelli M Tactical speaks volumes about its performance and reliability. It has earned widespread recognition and is trusted by law enforcement agencies around the world. This endorsement from professionals in the field further solidifies its status as a top choice for home defense.

Law enforcement agencies require firearms that can withstand intense use and perform flawlessly in critical situations. The fact that many of these agencies choose the Benelli M Tactical is a testament to its exceptional quality and performance. Having a shotgun with such a reputable standing can provide you with added confidence and peace of mind.

Mossberg A: The Versatile Pump Action Champion

The Mossberg A pump-action shotgun is a true champion. Its versatility in handling various types of ammunition makes it a top choice for those seeking reliable protection. Let’s dive into the features that make Mossberg A stand out from the crowd.

Smooth Pump Action Mechanism with Minimal Recoil

One of the key reasons why Mossberg A is highly regarded is its smooth pump action mechanism. With each effortless stroke, you can quickly chamber another round, ensuring a rapid follow-up shot if needed. This seamless operation allows for precise control and minimizes recoil, making it easier to stay on target even during intense situations.

Durable Construction and Affordable Price Range

Reliability is paramount. The Mossberg A excels in this aspect with its durable construction. Built to withstand rigorous use, this shotgun can handle the demands of any defensive scenario. Whether you’re navigating tight corners or moving through confined spaces, you can trust that your Mossberg A will hold up.

Affordability is another factor that sets Mossberg A apart from its competitors. While other shotguns may break the bank, this pump-action powerhouse offers excellent value for its price range. It provides exceptional quality without compromising your budget—a win-win situation for any homeowner looking to protect their loved ones.

Known for Reliability in Critical Situations

In high-stress situations where split-second decisions matter most, having a reliable firearm by your side can make all the difference. The Mossberg A has earned a reputation as a dependable companion in critical moments. Law enforcement agencies and military personnel often rely on this shotgun due to its proven track record of performance under pressure.

The Mossberg 590A1 variant deserves special mention within the lineup of Mossberg pump shotguns. Renowned for its ruggedness and reliability, it has been rigorously tested and approved by the U.S. military. This variant incorporates a heavy-walled barrel, metal trigger guard, and a robust magazine tube, further enhancing its durability and ensuring it can withstand the harshest conditions.

Keltec KSG: Compact and Powerful Home Defense Option:

If you’re in the market for a shotgun that offers both compactness and power, look no further than the Keltec KSG. This beast of a firearm is designed specifically for home defense, with features that make it an ideal choice for maneuvering within tight spaces.

One standout feature of the Keltec KSG is its compact design. When you’re navigating through narrow hallways or confined rooms, having a shotgun that won’t hinder your movement is crucial. The KSG’s streamlined construction allows for easy handling, giving you the agility needed to respond quickly in high-pressure situations.

But don’t let its size fool you – the Keltec KSG packs a serious punch. With its dual-magazine tube system, this shotgun provides quick and efficient ammo selection. You can load different types of ammunition into each tube, allowing for seamless transitions between rounds. Whether you need buckshot for close-quarters encounters or slugs for longer-range shots, the KSG has got you covered.

Another advantage of the Keltec KSG is its lightweight yet sturdy construction. Weighing in at just under 7 pounds, this shotgun offers excellent balance and maneuverability without sacrificing durability. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and reduces fatigue during extended use.

What sets the Keltec KSG apart from other shotguns on the market is its reputation for powerful firepower and ease of customization. This firearm has become a favorite among law enforcement agencies due to its reliability and performance in critical situations. It has gained popularity among gun enthusiasts who appreciate its versatility.

The Keltec KSG’s ability to handle various accessories and modifications makes it an excellent platform for customization. From adding tactical lights or laser sights to installing a Lok rail system for additional accessory attachment points, there are countless ways to tailor this shotgun to your specific needs.

Mossberg Maverick Security: Budget-Friendly Reliability

If you’re on the hunt for a reliable option to protect your home without breaking the bank, look no further than the Mossberg Maverick Security shotgun. This affordable yet high-quality firearm is designed with home defense in mind, offering peace of mind and proven performance when it matters most.

Affordable without Compromising Quality

One of the standout features of the Mossberg Maverick Security is its affordability. In a market where shotguns can often come with hefty price tags, this budget-friendly option provides an excellent value for your money. Despite its lower cost, Mossberg has not compromised on quality or reliability.

The pump-action mechanism of the Maverick Security ensures smooth and consistent operation, allowing for quick follow-up shots if needed. Its solid construction further enhances its durability and longevity, making it a dependable choice for home defense. Whether you’re a first-time gun owner or an experienced shooter looking for an economical option, this shotgun delivers exceptional performance without breaking the bank.

Dependable Home Defense Shotgun

Reliability is paramount. You need a firearm that you can trust to perform flawlessly when faced with a potential threat. The Mossberg Maverick Security excels in this aspect, providing you with peace of mind knowing that it won’t let you down in critical situations.

With its pump-action design, the Maverick Security offers simplicity and ease of use. This mechanism has long been favored by law enforcement agencies and military personnel due to its reliability under various conditions. Whether you’re defending yourself against intruders or navigating through high-stress situations, having a shotgun like the Maverick Security by your side gives you confidence in your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Proven Performance at an Affordable Cost

The Mossberg Maverick Security’s reputation speaks for itself. This shotgun has been embraced by many gun enthusiasts and professionals alike for its impressive track record in home defense scenarios.

When comparing prices, it’s important to note that the Maverick Security offers exceptional value for its cost. While there may be other shotguns on the market with higher price tags, they often come with additional features or brand recognition that may not necessarily translate into superior performance. The Mossberg Maverick Security focuses on what matters most – reliability, safety, and quality – without unnecessary frills that can drive up the cost.

Mossberg Super Bantam: Gauge Options for Every Need

The Mossberg Super Bantam is a shotgun that provides a wide range of gauge options, making it an excellent choice for home defense. Whether you prefer the power of a 12-gauge or the versatility of a 20-gauge, the Super Bantam has you covered. Let’s dive into why this shotgun stands out from the rest.

Versatility at its Finest

One of the key features of the Mossberg Super Bantam is its ability to offer different gauge options. This means that shooters can choose between 12-gauge and 20-gauge shotguns based on their specific needs and preferences. The 12-gauge option delivers superior stopping power, perfect for those who prioritize maximum impact in home defense situations. On the other hand, the 20-gauge option provides reduced recoil and increased maneuverability without compromising effectiveness.

Adjustable Stock for Optimal Comfort

Another standout feature of the Mossberg Super Bantam is its adjustable stock, which makes it ideal for shooters of all sizes. This means that whether you’re a smaller-framed individual or someone with broader shoulders, you can easily customize the length of the pull to ensure a comfortable shooting experience. By adjusting the stock, you can achieve proper alignment with your sights and enhance your overall accuracy while maintaining control over your firearm.

Reliability Across Shooting Scenarios

Reliability is paramount. Thankfully, the Mossberg Super Bantam excels in this area as well. With its sturdy construction and reliable action, this shotgun performs consistently across various shooting scenarios. Whether you’re engaging targets at close quarters or defending your property from a distance, you can rely on the Super Bantam to deliver consistent results time after time.

Catering to Individual Preferences and Needs

The Mossberg Super Bantam offers more than just different gauge options. It provides a plethora of customizable features to cater to individual preferences and needs. For instance, you can choose between different barrel lengths, allowing you to find the perfect balance between maneuverability and accuracy. The Super Bantam offers various magazine capacity options and oversized controls for easy operation, ensuring that you can adapt your shotgun to fit your specific requirements.

To further enhance its versatility, the Mossberg Super Bantam is compatible with accessories such as side saddles for extra round capacity or standard stocks for a more traditional feel. This means that you have the freedom to customize your shotgun according to your personal style and shooting preferences.

Benelli Nova and Supernova: Reliable Tactical Solutions

The Benelli Nova and Supernova shotguns are renowned for their reliability and durability, making them excellent choices for home defense in tactical situations. These shotguns have been specifically designed to handle the demands of high-stress encounters while offering enhanced features that cater to the needs of tactical users.

Reliability and Durability

Reliability is paramount. The Benelli Nova and Supernova excel in this aspect, ensuring that you can depend on them when it matters most. Built with robust materials and solid construction, these shotguns are built to withstand rigorous use without compromising performance.

Both the Nova and Supernova have earned a reputation for their ability to function flawlessly even under adverse conditions. Whether you find yourself in extreme weather or challenging environments, these shotguns will continue to operate reliably, giving you peace of mind knowing your firearm won’t let you down when it counts.

Enhanced Tactical Features

In tactical situations, having a shotgun that offers additional features can significantly enhance your effectiveness. The Benelli Nova and Supernova come equipped with various features tailored towards meeting the demands of tactical users.

One notable feature is their ability to handle different loads effectively while maintaining accuracy. This versatility allows you to adapt your ammunition selection based on the specific situation at hand. Whether you need to use buckshot or slugs, both the Nova and Supernova are capable of delivering precise shots consistently.

Another advantage offered by these shotguns is their ergonomic design. With an emphasis on user comfort and control, they provide an intuitive shooting experience even during high-pressure scenarios. Both models offer extended magazine capacities, allowing for more rounds before needing to reload—a crucial factor in home defense situations where every second matters.

Trusted by Professionals

Professionals across various fields rely on the Benelli Nova and Supernova shotguns due to their exceptional performance and reliability. From law enforcement officers to military personnel, these shotguns have earned the trust of those who depend on their firearms for their safety.

Law enforcement agencies appreciate the durability and dependability of the Nova and Supernova when dealing with tactical situations. These shotguns have proven themselves time and again in real-life scenarios, ensuring that officers can carry out their duties effectively.

Military units also recognize the value of the Benelli Nova and Supernova. Whether it’s for close-quarters combat or breaching operations, these shotguns provide a reliable solution that can withstand the rigors of demanding missions.

Accessories to Enhance Home Defense Shotguns:

Having the right accessories can make all the difference. These additions not only enhance the functionality of your shotgun but also provide you with an added layer of safety and control.

Essential Accessories for Home Defense Shotguns

  1. Weapon Lights: One of the most crucial accessories for a home defense shotgun is a reliable weapon light. When faced with a potential threat in low-light situations, having a bright light attached to your shotgun can help you identify targets and navigate your surroundings effectively. Look for models that offer high lumens and easy activation switches for quick deployment.

  2. Red Dot Sights: Adding a red dot sight to your shotgun can significantly improve accuracy and target acquisition, especially in high-stress situations. Red dot sights provide a clear aiming point without obstructing your field of view, allowing you to quickly acquire targets and engage them with confidence.

  3. Extended Magazines: Having extra rounds readily available can be critical in a self-defense situation. Extended magazines increase ammunition capacity, reducing the need for frequent reloads during high-pressure encounters. Ensure compatibility with your specific shotgun model when selecting extended magazines.

  4. Sling: A good sling is often overlooked but plays an important role in carrying and accessing your shotgun easily. A well-designed sling allows you to keep your hands free while providing quick access when needed. Look for slings that offer adjustable lengths and comfortable padding for extended use.

  5. Recoil Pads or Muzzle Brakes: Recoil management is essential, especially if you anticipate firing multiple shots or using heavier loads in your home defense shotgun. Recoil pads absorb some of the recoil energy, reducing felt recoil on the shooter’s shoulder, while muzzle brakes redirect gases to mitigate recoil forces altogether. Consider adding either of these accessories to improve control and follow-up shot accuracy.

Additional Upgrades for Home Defense Shotguns

  1. Side Saddles or Shell Carriers: Increasing your shotgun’s ammunition capacity can be advantageous in a self-defense scenario. Side saddles or shell carriers attach to the side of your shotgun, providing quick access to additional shells without the need for reloading from a traditional stock or pouch. These upgrades ensure you have enough rounds readily available when every second counts.

  2. Pistol Grip: A pistol grip is an ergonomic accessory that replaces the traditional stock on a shotgun. It offers better control and maneuverability, especially in tight spaces like hallways or doorways. However, it’s essential to practice proper technique and ensure compatibility with your specific shotgun model before installing a pistol grip.

  3. Picatinny Rail: Adding a Picatinny rail to your shotgun opens up a world of customization options. With a rail system, you can attach various accessories such as optics, lights, lasers, or foregrips according to your preferences and needs. Ensure the rail is compatible with your shotgun model and consider the weight balance when adding multiple accessories.

  4. Ghost Ring Sights: Ghost ring sights are an alternative sighting option for shotguns that provide fast target acquisition and enhanced accuracy over standard iron sights. These larger rear apertures allow for quicker target tracking while maintaining precision at close-to-medium ranges.

Remember, when choosing accessories for your home defense shotgun, prioritize reliability, ease of use, and compatibility with your specific firearm model. Regular training and practice are also crucial to familiarize yourself with any new additions and ensure their seamless integration into your home defense strategy.

By investing in these essential accessories and considering additional upgrades tailored to your needs, you can enhance the effectiveness and versatility of your home defense shotgun setup while maximizing safety for you and your loved ones.

Pros and Cons of Different Shotgun Configurations:

Pump-Action Shotguns: A Reliable Choice

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to go with a pump-action or semi-automatic configuration. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of pump-action shotguns.


  1. Reliability: Pump-action shotguns are known for their exceptional reliability. The manual operation allows for greater control over feeding and ejecting shells, reducing the chance of malfunctions.

  2. Versatility: These shotguns can handle a wide range of ammunition types, including buckshot, slugs, and birdshot. This versatility makes them suitable for various scenarios, from close-quarters encounters to longer-range engagements.

  3. Lower Cost: Pump-action shotguns tend to be more affordable compared to semi-automatic models. This makes them an attractive option for those on a budget or those looking for a reliable firearm without breaking the bank.


  1. Slower Rate of Fire: One drawback of pump-action shotguns is their slower rate of fire compared to semi-automatics. After each shot, you must manually cycle the action by moving the forend back and forth before firing again.

  2. Higher Recoil: Due to their design, pump-action shotguns typically have more felt recoil than semi-automatics. This can affect follow-up shots and may require additional practice to manage effectively.

  3. Steep Learning Curve: Mastering the technique of quickly cycling the action under stress may take some time and practice. In high-pressure situations where split-second decisions matter, this learning curve could be a factor worth considering.

Gauge Sizes: Finding Your Perfect Fit

Another aspect to consider when selecting a shotgun for home defense is gauge size – referring to the diameter of the shotgun’s bore. Let’s explore the pros and cons of different gauge sizes to help you find your perfect fit.

12 Gauge:

  • Pros:

    • Widely available ammunition: The 12 gauge is the most common shotgun gauge, meaning it offers a wide variety of ammunition options readily available in stores.

    • Power and versatility: The larger size of the 12 gauge allows for greater stopping power, making it suitable for defense against both human intruders and larger animals.

  • Cons:

    • Recoil management: Due to the increased power, 12-gauge shotguns tend to have more recoil compared to smaller gauges. This can impact accuracy and follow-up shots, especially for shooters with less experience or physical strength.

20 Gauge:

  • Pros:

    • Reduced recoil: The smaller size of the 20 gauge results in less felt recoil, making it easier to handle and allowing for quicker follow-up shots.

    • Suitable for smaller-framed individuals: The reduced recoil makes the 20 gauge a popular choice among individuals who may struggle with the heavier kick of larger gauges.

  • Cons:

    • Limited ammunition availability: While still widely available, the selection of ammunition options for the 20 gauge may not be as extensive as that of the more popular 12 gauge.

Barrel Lengths: Striking a Balance

The length of a shotgun’s barrel can significantly impact its performance in home defense scenarios. Let’s weigh the benefits and drawbacks of shorter barrel lengths versus longer barrels.

Shorter Barrels (18-20 inches):

  • Benefits:

    • Improved maneuverability in tight spaces such as hallways or doorways. A shorter barrel allows for easier navigation without getting caught on obstacles.

    • Quick target acquisition due to reduced weight and improved balance. This can be crucial when reacting to an intruder swiftly.

  • Drawbacks:

    • Reduced accuracy at longer distances. The shorter barrel length can affect the spread pattern of shot pellets, making it less effective for engaging targets at extended ranges.

    • Increased muzzle blast and recoil due to the closer proximity of the shooter’s face to the muzzle. This may require additional practice to manage effectively.

Longer Barrels (22-24 inches):

  • Benefits:

    • Improved accuracy at longer distances. The longer barrel allows for a more consistent shot pattern, increasing the chances of hitting targets accurately.

    • Reduced muzzle blast and recoil due to increased distance between the shooter’s face and the muzzle. This can contribute to better control during rapid-fire situations.

  • Drawbacks:

    • Slightly reduced maneuverability in tight spaces compared to shorter barrels. However, this drawback is often negligible in home defense scenarios where engagements typically occur within close quarters.

Choosing the Perfect Shotgun for Your Home Defense Needs:

Having a reliable shotgun for home defense is crucial. With numerous options available in the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. However, by considering a few key factors and understanding the top shotguns for home defense in 2023, you can make an informed decision that suits your specific needs.

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Home Defense Shotgun:

Before making a purchase, there are several important factors to consider. Gauge size, barrel length, action type, and overall ergonomics play a significant role in determining which shotgun will work best for you. It’s essential to assess your level of experience and comfort with different configurations.

Top Shotguns for Home Defense in 2023:

In 2023, several shotguns have emerged as top choices for home defense due to their reliability and effectiveness. Let’s take a closer look at some of these options:

Benelli M Tactical: The Ultimate Semi-Automatic Choice

The Benelli M Tactical offers exceptional reliability and rapid follow-up shots with its semi-automatic action. Its lightweight design and adjustable stock make it easy to handle in high-stress situations.

Mossberg A: The Versatile Pump Action Champion

Renowned for its durability and versatility, the Mossberg A pump-action shotgun is a popular choice among homeowners. Its robust construction allows for smooth operation while providing excellent recoil control.

Keltec KSG: Compact and Powerful Home Defense Option

The Keltec KSG stands out as a compact yet powerful option for home defense. With its dual magazine tubes holding up to 14 rounds, this bullpup-style shotgun offers ample firepower without sacrificing maneuverability.

Mossberg Maverick Security: Budget-Friendly Reliability

For those on a budget, the Mossberg Maverick Security delivers reliable performance at an affordable price. It offers a pump-action mechanism, ensuring consistent function and ease of use.

Mossberg Super Bantam: Gauge Options for Every Need

The Mossberg Super Bantam series provides various gauge options to cater to individual preferences. Its adjustable stock makes it suitable for shooters of all sizes, including those with smaller frames or younger family members.

Benelli Nova and Supernova: Reliable Tactical Solutions

The Benelli Nova and Supernova shotguns offer exceptional reliability and durability, making them ideal choices for tactical home defense. Their robust construction ensures consistent performance even in harsh conditions.

Accessories to Enhance Home Defense Shotguns:

To further enhance the effectiveness of your home defense shotgun, consider investing in accessories such as a tactical light, red dot sight, or extended magazine tube. These additions can provide increased visibility, improved aiming capabilities, and extended ammunition capacity.

Pros and Cons of Different Shotgun Configurations:

Understanding the pros and cons of different shotgun configurations can help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs. Pump-action shotguns offer reliability but may require more effort to operate compared to semi-automatics. Semi-automatic shotguns allow for faster follow-up shots but may be costlier. Consider these factors when selecting the perfect configuration for your home defense needs.

In conclusion, choosing the best shotgun for home defense requires careful consideration of factors like gauge size, action type, and overall ergonomics. By understanding the top shotguns available in 2023 and considering your specific requirements, you can find a reliable option that suits your needs. Remember to explore accessories that can enhance your shotgun’s performance further. Stay prepared and ensure the safety of your loved ones with the right choice of home defense shotgun.


What is the ideal gauge size for a home defense shotgun?

The ideal gauge size for a home defense shotgun depends on personal preference and intended use. The most common gauges are 12 and 20, both of which offer a good balance between power and recoil. Ultimately, it’s essential to choose a gauge that you can handle comfortably and effectively.

Are semi-automatic shotguns more reliable than pump-action shotguns?

Both semi-automatic and pump-action shotguns can be highly reliable when properly maintained. However, semi-automatic shotguns have the advantage of faster follow-up shots due to their automatic cycling mechanism. Pump-action shotguns, on the other hand, are known for their simplicity and robustness.

Can I use a home defense shotgun for other purposes like hunting or sport shooting?

While home defense shotguns can serve multiple purposes, it’s important to consider their suitability for specific activities. Some shotguns designed specifically for home defense may not be ideal for hunting or sport shooting due to factors such as barrel length or magazine capacity limitations. It’s advisable to choose a shotgun that best fits your intended use.

What is the advantage of an adjustable stock on a home defense shotgun?

An adjustable stock allows you to customize the length of pull (LOP) according to your body size and shooting style. This feature is particularly useful if multiple individuals with varying physical attributes might need to use the shotgun in a home defense scenario.

Do I need any special training to use a home defense shotgun effectively?

While formal training in firearms safety and handling is always beneficial, using a home defense shotgun effectively primarily relies on practicing basic firearm skills such as proper grip, aiming, and trigger control. Familiarize yourself with your chosen shotgun’s operation and practice regularly at the range under safe conditions.

Note: The FAQs provided above are fictional examples created based on common questions related to purchasing decisions for home defense shotguns.

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